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they canceled first order, put hold on account. they can drop it but won't.

A review by josephcagle written on Mar 23, 2012
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I bought a Cricket ZTE Chorus phone from because it was on sell. I intended to buy the $55 top-up card with it. They canceled it due to some error, though they were NEVER clear on what the error was. I payed with my paypal instead, just for the phone and not the top-up card. The phone is on it's way now. I still had the hold for the original canceled purchase though. I expected the hold to be released by now so I could buy the Cricket top-up card. 3 days later, I still have the hold. I asked my bank about it, and they told me Walmart can call them and have them cancel it. has ignored many of my emails, however. In one email they told me they were "researching" the issue. There's nothing to research! Just release my money already! I even gave them the number so they don't have to go through the oh-so-difficult task (not really) of pulling up the number on, you can do better than this, but it doesn't look like you will. I will NEVER shop on again, and will likely avoid Walmart stores as much as possible now. I NEVER WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!

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