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A review by epinions717 written on Dec 25, 2010
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I had the most horrible experience using this holiday season. I order three items two weeks before Christmas. All the items were supposed to be delivered BEFORE Christmas. The first incident was that someone hacked into my account assessing my credit information and stole $150 from me. I tried to be understanding but after many calls, going into the store and constant checking of my walmart account two days before Christmas I was told that one of my gifts had been canceled. I was fortunate to be able to order the gift from another company at a HIGHER price and high shipping cost since it was two days before Christmas. The straw that broke the camels back was again I performed the same procedure of calling waiting over 30 minutes just to speak to live person, going to the store and constant checking of my account to find where my order was. I was notified on the 19th that my gift was shipped so I couldn't understand the hold up. After days of constant checking by Christmas Eve I was worried. I contacted customer service a final time for them to determine that my order had not be canceled this time but misplaced. In the course of a week dealing with I was robbed, disappointed and shamed in the fact that I had NO GIFT to give to my most beloved aunt because of I paid my money to only receive confusion from customer service and no gifts. The icing on the cake was that after not being able to get my gift in time for Christmas I decided to cancel and was told that it would take a week to get my money back.

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