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Charged Twice

A review by kingscup012 written on Jan 23, 2012
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I placed my first order with Vitacost since they had some things I was looking for cheaper but was hesitant to order since I have a great experience with I went ahead and paid for one order on Saturday which I received an email for. To my surprise when I checked credit card statement, I had twice charges from two different days for two different amounts! Are you kidding me?

I called customer service and the lady was explaining to me that they authorize the amount when the order is placed and "AGAIN" when they ship the product. So I have to be billed two times the amount (or a credit card hold which is pending on my account) and apparatetly this is a common theme with Vitacost. I will not be re ordering from them due to this non sense and lack of customer service. I outright asked her if this was the way they do business and she said yes. Wow, if only everyone knew what they were up to. What if I didn't have enough money to cover both "pending" authorizations and over drafted my account?" Would they pay for their mess up? Doubt it, Buyer Beware

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