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A review by srambeau written on Nov 21, 2011
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As a person who lives in a rural mountain community, I am finding more and more that I rely on the internet to order many things online that can't be located here in town. However, some websites I find to be very disorganized and hard to use. This is Not so with the Vio Software website. I had a great experience with Vio Software. My granddaughter got a laptop in May that was required for her school work. Of course, it came with a 'starter' version of the Word processor, spreadsheets, etc. Of course, this has now expired and she is reliant upon this software to do her school work. So, I ordered the Microsoft Office Suite for Students and Home. I wanted the full retail package, which includes the disks. It seems that these are kind of hard to find. Other stores and websites would rather just sell you the product key, with no disks or documentation. I found that this website not only offered the full retail package, but also had the best price anywhere! The shipping was very fast, even though I chose their standard shipping. I even charged the product to my address, but sent it to my granddaughter at a different address with no problems or issues. Not only that, but the shipping was free!!! So, I guess, to sum it up...The website was easy to use, the prices were great and the shipping was free and super fast. What more could you ask? Thanks Vio! I thank you, and my granddaughter thanks you!

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