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A review by afire written on Oct 20, 2009
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I purchased a pedestal sink and base from Vintage Tub & Bath on August 3, 2009. The base arrived in one piece but the sink was badly broken. I called Vintage and they sent a second sink, which also arrived broken!

I called their very nice customer service department and told them that I would like a refund and that I was going to purchase a sink locally. They told me that they would issue me a credit.

Weeks later, no credit had shown up. I called them repeatedly. Each time I was told that the credit would be coming soon. Meanwhile, I was told to keep the broken sinks in case somebody wanted to examine them.

Eventually I did receive a credit for the top portion of the sink. I also got their permission to throw away the broken sinks.

I then asked Vintage Tub about the credit for the pedestal. I was then informed by them that the company that supplied the product to them would like the pedestal returned. They had the supplier send me a return address label and told me to go to a UPS store to return it or pay to have UPS come to my home to pick it up. Considering that the entire fiasco was their fault, they should have send me a prepaid return label.

I send the pedestal back and waited for my refund. After 2 weeks, I started calling to find out what happened to my refund. I was told that Vintage Tub doesn't give refunds until they are reimbursed by their suppliers, and that could take weeks.

I called Vintage every week, wanting my refund. Even when they did get the credit from the supplier, it took them 3 days to post it to my credit card. It had taken them less than 24 hours to initially bill me for my purchase.

The customer service department people are very nice. However, the company's policies for refunding purchases are not acceptable. Whenever I have returned an item to any other company, the refund has been processed within days.

 It took me almost 2 months and at least a dozen phone calls to get my refund. I would never do business with them again.

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