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A review by rd2735 written on Sep 21, 2011
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Over the years I have purchased numerous items from Victoria's Secret, mostly online but occasionally from physical locations as well. Their quality used to be excellent, especially their swimwear, so their prices were completely justified. However, in the last couple of years the overall quality of all of their products has gone down drastically. The fabric of most of their items feels cheap, and I've had to return many of the items I've bought because even though the size is correct, the fit is terrible. Also, the sizing of their items varies so much from one item to the next, you end up spending a fortune in shipping costs trying to get the right size.
Which brings me to another issue. Their shipping prices are absolutely absurd. They charge shipping based on the dollar amount of your order. This means that if you happen to buy a $75 bikini, you end up spending almost an extra $15 on shipping. Its ridiculous to charge that much for shipping on an item that weighs less than a pound and is only worth $75, when I shipped a 10lb laptop to be repaired and the shipping for that cost me $10, and it was insured for up to $500. They also ship their clothes in a flimsy bag, so I have a very hard time understanding where they get those shipping costs from. Especially considering that large companies like VS recieve discounted shipping rates from shipping companies because they ship in high volume.
To top it all off, I have written two emails to VS stating my displeasure, and I never even recieved an apology. I just dont see any reason to continue spending my money supporting a company that doesn't even pretend to care about cutomer service.

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