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A review by jacobznyareaf written on May 7, 2008
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Bought Best by Broan K210A30SS prof range hood and EB15 external blower. order took place on april 1st week, received an email from them about the order and a link for order status. After 3 weeks of not hearing anything, status not updating called them repeatedly every two days and finally 'carla' admits that they had the EB15 in stock but K210A30SS is back ordered. Now when i ordered their site said ships in Two days. Anyways after almost a month i received a package which was delivered by UPS ground even though its been almost a month's delay. When my installer came two days later he opened up the package it was missing EB15 blower. i opened up the packing slip it was showing that it had contained EB15 blower. I called immediately however they dont open their phone center/store until noon eastern time. I spoke to Carla again and she said she will notify the shipping manager and will have him call me. Not hearing anything for the next 4 hours i called back, still the same story. Shipping manager will call back. I called back again in an hour and half but this time Carla transferred me to shipping manager. He has promised me to call me today morning. still waiting for that call and will have an update on that later on. As for my opinion so far of this store. I wouldnt want to go thru this for the 20 bucks i saved. Their online system tells you one thing and they could care less how much of a hurry you are in, they will deliver only after taking their sweet time. if 2 days = 1 month then i can only imagine what 2 weeks equals to. Customer service is not compassionate or caring. They tell you this is what it is. Your order is in place, we took the money and we will deliver it next few weeks. And that they did incomplete. Now the phone game is on and will let you know.

Update: Shipping manager did not call back as promised. talked to someone else yesterday. he claimed to have found the blower however he would not overnight it or expedite the shipment. it will be shipped on ups ground. No compensation offered for lost time, aggrevation, etc. They think it is great that your order was partially deliverd in a month, although their website said at the time of the order, that it will be shipped in two days. I suggest anyone reading this not to shop here. This place is not worth the aggrevation to save 20 bucks. You will pay dearly and wait too long for no fault of your own. Read other horrible stories of this merchant.

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