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Very Poor Customer Service

A review by rwaites written on Apr 7, 2006
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I have shopped with TravelSmith several times and I like their durable travel clothes for the most part. They are a little baggy, but always look neat and pressed.

But their customer service has to be the worst I have ever had from an on-line retailer. Until now, every order of mine has been delayed indefinitely and untrackable once it is placed and you cannot change a delivery address or anything about the order once you hit that Confirm Order button.

In my latest order, I saw some great travel dress pants that I wanted for a trip and I paid them on Sunday for overnight delivery to a hotel I was staying at later in the week. Once I confirmed the order, a note came up on their web site that said that the order would be delayed by 3-4 days, so I called immediately to change the delivery address to my home since they would not arrive at the hotel until after I left. I called them within 5 minutes of placing the order to change the delivery address and was told that it was too late, that I would have to pay the $36 for overnight delivery to the hotel and then pay again to have the order redelivered to my home. (The pants only cost $79.) I then asked that the order be cancelled. They would not do that either. They said the order had shipped. (Within 5-10 minutes of placing the order? I don't think so.)

So I asked to speak to a supervisor. No supervisor would take my call even though I was being nice and professional with them.

I guess I have been spoiled by Amazon and Zappos. Those folks know the status of everything and can change anything unless it has really shipped. Not TravelSmith. They told me that they have no control over the order or the shipping (date or process) once the order is placed. It makes you really appreciate your local retailers.

I will not order from them again, unless it is an item that is just not available anywhere else and I recommend that you do the same. If you do order from them, do not order any rush jobs, because no one knows the status of the order or when it will ship. Basically the order could arrive in 3 days or 3 weeks. They don't know and you won't know. And make real sure that you will have no changes of any kind before you confirm the order.

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