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Dishonest and non-responsive.

A review by diegov written on Jan 17, 2007
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UPDATE: This just got way worse: After 3 weeks without answering to my inquiry, TigerGPS went ahead and charged my credit card AGAIN. The very one they said they couldn't accept for fraud risk. Oh, and OF COURSE they charged me the high price I didn't agree to. And, no, still no reply either to the original mail or the complaint I sent as soon as I noticed this.

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TigerGPS offers a price matching guarantee. However, they'll got to great lengths to not honor it, as I found out when trying to order a MiniSD data card for my Garmin GPS.

First, they denied having the item in stock until pointed to their page which claimed "in stock and shipping today". I provided my shipping and payment information, choosing to use MasterCard.

I then received a mail informing me that as I did not have a US billing address, I wasn't eligible for the price match, but could still order at their regular price (quite low, just not the lowest). This is indeed in their policy, so no strong argument on my part. However, I decided to use PayPal (offered as an option in their checkout form), and informed them of this.

They still charged my MasterCard the high price. When I complained, they said that they couldn't take my order unless I provided proof of ID and an image of my credit card, and could not accept PayPal at all because of the risk of fraud. They reimbursed my credit card, and have ignored me since, even when I asked to use PayPal AND provide proof of ID.

All that said, their service rep (Natalie) was very friendly and nice all the time.

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