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Absolutely un-acceptable customer service. particularly the credit card processing department

A review by brandon3420 written on Feb 9, 2010
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My experience with tiger direct has been horrible.. I will just copy and paste the email i sent to them as it summarizes a week of stress and being put on hold.

Hello, I recently purchased an expensive laptop from you guys and have been through absolute hell. I decided to buy from Tiger because I had not heard anything negative about you guys and I wanted my laptop sooner then later. Toshiba had a 4 week hold and you guys said you had the laptop in stock and for a reasonable price. When I went through the order process it also said it was ready to ship.
     My first issue was with your credit card processing center. I used Ebill as my method of purchase. I did not know what that entailed and didn't find any links or information readily available on your site. All I saw is it would ship immediately and arrive in 3-5 days. Now... I understand you guys have to make sure there is no fraud going on but what I went through was absurd. I first had to verify my identity with Ebill which took a day or two of phone tag. Then I was informed my payment was made to you guys which I didnt get confirmation of until that evening. It was too late to call you guys. The next day I called and discovered I would need to verify my identity with you guys as well. What is the purpose of this? I dont know... What I do know is at this point I encountered numerous rude representatives in the credit card processing department. I was put on hold multiple times for 5-10 minutes every time I spoke with someone there. I was treated like a crook and even told I looked like a cartoon character in the second scan of my drivers license I sent. I was cooperative at all times and was put on hold many times. At one point I said lemme grab a pen (to write down Jennifer Salas email address) and she put me on hold for 5 minutes. It took 10 seconds to get a pen. I understand security is very important and appreciate the preventive measures. What I don't appreciate is the rude people treating me like a crook.
     Finally, after more then a week I spoke with Lana. Lana was fairly polite aside from the multiple holds that appears to be standard in her department. After emailing some more documents and answering a series of questions I was told my order could finally be processed and it would be shipped that day. Yay! Finally! So I thought... I checked on the website and my laptop is on back-order... No personal phone call no way of knowing... and no laptop! So I called customer service. The CSR told me my laptop was on back-order or discontinued... he wasn't sure. He immediately began trying to sell me other laptops. I explained that I did plenty of research and there was nothing comparable to the Toshiba I was purchasing. He directed me to a $1499 Toshiba and assured me all the specs were exactly the same. From all my research I was quite familiar with that model and the specs were not the same. I told him that and he said it was the same because it had blue-ray and the same screen size. I don't know about anyone else but I'm not purchasing a $2000 laptop because it has a blue-ray player. I asked to speak to the supervisor. I was on hold about 8 minutes. I spoke to Mike next (extension #2957) He was very sincere and polite. He informed me that a shipment of laptops would arrive on the next Sunday (2/14) and would likely ship soon after. I asked him if he was going to do anything to keep me as a customer such as provide an extended warranty or upgrade my shipping to expedite the delivery of my laptop. He told me he couldn't do anything about the warranty. He said there was no point in upgrading the shipping since I was so close to the distribution center. He offered me $25 in store credit (slightly over %1 of the money I spent). Tired of it, I said thanks and good bye.
     I am not sure how much value Tiger direct places on customer service. I am not sure if there is someone over there that realizes that without word of mouth and repeat business a company will always have issues. The economy has been bad and I expect more for my dollar. I also expect to be treated like a paying customer through all processes involved in making a purchase this large. In my opinion $25 does not make me say, "wow! Tiger is a stand-up company. The next time I have $2000 to spend I'll go back to them and not only that I will tell all my friends about the excellent service I received."
A response would be greatly appreciated.

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