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A review by laneway written on Apr 1, 2012
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Fantastic! I never dreamed we would find everything we need in one convient online all inclusive site. I have saved this to favorites and will be returning often for every event we have to supply, I just wish we had found it years ago! Every aspect of our customer appreciation and also the needs of our employees are easily accessable and available at the click of a mouse and a few key strokes. This is a must have for any business no matter how big or how small. I would recommend this supplier to any business. Thank You WEBstaurant Store for surpassing our every expectation. We will be returning again and again. The Items we purchased here were at a much greater savings over anything we have been able to purchase from out previous suppliers.  It is a great advantage to any business to have a supplier that delivers a good quality high performance product and a competitive and profit making price. As a business that has been in operation for over 20 years it is great to find another supplier that can boost profits and deliver quality merchandise and supplies for our customers. A happy customer is a returning customer.

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