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A review by cyclingmimi written on Jan 27, 2012
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I placed an order for Bulgari The Blanc Perfume,  and D&G Light Blue Body Gel.  Delivery was fine, but the products were not.  The packaging and the product were not the original, even the product name was different, the spelling was different and the country of origin was different from the authentic that I had just purchased at full price.  I returned the entire package and heard nothing for 3 weeks.
When I called Customer Service, they were rude. They said they had sent me 2 emails about the return (never received!).  I asked them to forward those emails to me while I waited.  I got a supervisor with an attitude instead.  He argued that packaging and product changes happen all the time and that I don't know what I'm talking about; I could call the company if I wanted.  Without the original box, no credit for the perfume, and they have to deduct the shipping that was free on the original order so I got back $45 on an original $99 order.  It's a lesson learned that you get what you pay for-in my case I lost $55 and have no product at all.  Learn from my mistakes and do not shop at the Perfume Spot!!!

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