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A review by horstkotte written on May 27, 2011
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I have recently bought a silent video card from Tech4Less and at first the offer was great and the support excellent. They even called me after placing my order to make sure I had ordered the right part. 
However, when I got the card it was missing an outlet. The packaging of the card was stating the outlet should be there but the card just did not have HDTV out. Upon sending MULTIPLE email requests regarding the issue without any response I called them up and the customer service was honestly rude and absolutely useless. In short the answer was no exchanges possible, I could either send it back or stuff it. That would have been ok if the other store I would have order the same card from would not have sold out by then. So I am stuck with a product that is not as advertised. The rude customer service then convinced me to write this review. If Tech4Less screws up their quality control (obviously they packed the wrong card into the package since it was an open box item) they should at least admit their fault and offer some sort of resolution. 
One star from me for this service!

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