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Staples has horrendous customer service!

A review by jame0238 written on Sep 13, 2011
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I just had the most horrible experience with Staples. I placed an order for four items last week. When I tried to track my order, I noticed that they were going to be sent in two separate shipments. No problems there.
Upon trying to track my second shipment, I noticed the item amount ordered for one of the items was "0". I sent an email inquiring about this and was promptly told it was out of stock in one warehouse, but would be shipped from another warehouse September 13, today. The customer service rep apologized that no one had contacted me sooner. Again, understandable that it was going to be shipped a few days late.
Today, I sent an email asking for tracking information and was told it was removed from my order, my card was not charged and I could place another order for a similar item because it was out of stock and would not be available for 5-7 business days. I followed up with a phone call to which the response was the same.
First, why, as a customer who already went through the order process are you FORCING me to complete it a second time? And second, I will no longer receive the sale price that I had not only based this purchase on, but the purchase of the matching desk that I had already received and spent the weekend putting together. I am a marketer, and there is no way you treat a customer that way. You don't make it harder on the customer by requiring a second purchase for the same item because you as the retailer were unable to deliver on your item. And, you should honor the price that the purchase was made based on, especially because a matching item was placed contingent on this second item.
Will definitely NOT do business with Staples again. Lost a customer for life!

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