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Horrible, Charges Credit Card without authorization, Incompetent Staff

A review by jczipo written on Sep 28, 2008
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Absolutely Horrible, Web Interface very limited for accepting payments for purchases. When I called for live assistance they were useless. Asked to speak to a supervisor, she was equally incompetent , did not know how to process a gift card and credit card. Supervisor fumbled around taking guesses, told me may be she forget the security pin, I had already given it to her and her associate at least three times. She kept saying she was going back and lost the information. IDIOTS!!! Then they told me it wasn't the Skymall gift card but the credit card. Told her I use these daily and highly doubted they could be bad or being denied by the bank.They attempted to proces 3 different credit cards all of which were known good and they told me they were all denied. When I called all 3 credit card companies to ask why, they told me they all showed charges processed against my card even though I cancelled the order. Now I need to watch my statements to be sure the charges do not go through. One thing they were good at was apologizing. Another thing they are good at is processing fraudulent charges when you tell them to cancel the order in disgust. Worst on line shopping experience I have ever had.Stay away from this site!!

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