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Terrible Customer Service at Ridiculous Prices

A review by jonny5chicago written on Oct 23, 2007
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SkyMall is not worth your time or money. I had tried to place an order online for 2 pajamas for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas last year. After putting in my credit card information and trying to submit the order I received a message saying that the order could not be processed and that I should call customer service to place the order (which I did). Instead of receiving 2 pajamas, my brother receives 4 pajamas in the mail. I check my credit card statement and I was charged for 4 pajamas. I called Skymall to point out their mistake and they laughed at me (I'm not kidding) and said that it was my fault and that I needed to call the vendor myself and arrange the shipping. However, my brother was in possession of the extras and did not have the time to take it to the post office and the vendor was not going to cover the return shipping...... needless to say, I was annoyed. Then my brother misplaced the package after moving to a new place.

8 months have passed and I finally made it out to my brother's house and he found the package so I called the vendor to return the pajamas but they said that it was past the 2 month return policy. I then called Skymall to rectify the situation and hoped they would speak to the vendor on my behalf. They said they couldn't do anything (EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THEIR FAULT!!!) so I told them I would never purchase anything through them again.

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