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A review by andieliz written on Dec 3, 2005
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I think I should be a professional reviewer of sephora because I shop there obsessively! Though, everything has their good and bad - here is

The Good: is a great way to stay connected to all the beauty products that you love, and has even introduced me to a lot of new brands that I had never even heard of before. They have speedy delivery, and pretty good customer service. Even all the times that I have ordered, I have never had any major issues. Sometimes, you can even find good deals - just like right now they are selling a lot of the dessert beauty at a discounted price. They even have exclusive kits and products. The web site over all is a good idea because you can get items from 40 different brands that you love all in one place. However, there is always the bad. There is free giftwraping, and free shipping over $75.

The Bad:
There are no reviews on items, only short descriptions. There have been times when I think I ordered what I wanted, but found out that it really didn't do what I wanted or it wasn't quite what I expected. The other bad thing is the return policy. If something has been damaged, I am sure they would take it back. Though, any opened product could not be returned. So, if you buy a color you don't like, you may not get your money back. Sometimes, it is really hard to tell what colors actually do look like as well. There have been times when it was just like the pictures, and others where I did get a good color, just not what I was expecting at all. They sell perfume as well as cosmetic items. Though, if you have never smelled the product before, I don't know if I would just go off a description. Try to get samples with orders you make (you get 3 free samples at check out). There is often times that items are out of stock, and can put a damper on a shopping experience always. Even though there are giftcards, you have to choose from specific amounts, you cannont just do $55, or some random amount.

The Site:
The site over all is easy to get through. Easy icons and buttons make navigation a cinch. However, there are no descriptions of the brands. They list all of the brands sold at the site, but you would have to click on each one to find out what each line has to offer. Checkout is really simple, especially if you have shopped there before. It does everything secure, and you can track your orders online. There are even e-mail confirmations sent whenever you order and when your order is processed. Wish lists are my favorite things on Sephora because it is always hard to remember where you found an item with so much stuff on the web site. The lists and registries make it really easy to let your friends know what you want, and to give yourself a reminder of where you found items.

The site is a great place to buy what you need for a ton of brands. So if you�€™re someone that knows what you want, just point, click and go. If you are just browsing, be warned that you may be sitting online for hours seeing all the brands and all the items that has to offer.

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