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A review by jennybode written on Feb 13, 2012
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BUYERS BEWARE!!! Over the past month I have experienced TWO strange transactions. The order and money goes through (while they get interest on my money) then I get an email a few weeks later notifying me that my address needs 'verification'. On following up with Paypal, they DO HAVE THE CORRECT ADDRESS. I live in Australia and do a lot of overseas purchases, yet have never experienced this with the SAME company and on TWO occassions! Paypal automatically provides the correct shipping address once the payment is processed. The scented Monkey's email stated I needed to phone the USA from Australia. I went to the trouble of doing exactly that. I phoned to 'verify' my address and was sadly spoken to by their rude customer service rep who mumbled incoherent nonsence about my address(???) She refused to send my samples and 3 big bottles of perfume. I explained that I had phoned Paypal and that Paypal themselves did not understand what the problem was. They credited me the money for the first transaction. On the second occasion, I tried again (benefit of the doubt...). Again I received the same email AFTER my order was processed through Payal. This time, I wrote to them and specifically requested that if they didn't have the sample supplies, it was not a problem for me, but that I wanted the 3 big bottles of perfume I had ordered. Again I got the same reply-"your address is not verified with Paypal"??? Needless to say, my money was again put back into my account. This scouring the internet, carefully choosing perfumes, paying, waiting etc, to find it all in vain is FRUSTRATING and very SUSPICIOUS. I strongly recommend international buyers to purchase from more reputable companies. You will save yourself the headache and aggravation in dealing with these scented monkeys!

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