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A review by soothsayer written on Dec 13, 2001

Pros: fashionable clothes, lots of sales online.

Cons: expensive, but because of designer labels.

The Bottom Line: Saks Fifth Avenue is still on Fifth Avenue, but they have since branched out to an upscale mall near you, and also available over the Internet.

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Saks Fifth Avenue is located on Fifth Avenue across the street from Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Not much has changed inside Saks, except for a change of décor, and some modernizations. Only twenty some odd years ago, they still had manually operated elevators, the ones with gates, and where you had to pull a lever in order to travel up, or down. You can sort of image a time further back when those elevator operators were mostly black men, who would pass their jobs on to their sons when they retired.

For a department store, Saks is pretty expensive, but their clothes are trendy, and stylish and geared for the jet set, and baby boomers with money. Barney’s they are not, but their buying department often sets fashion trends, and each season brings something new.

As far as sales goes, merely a standard 20-30% in the retail stores, and even with the sales, the clothes are still pricey. For a better bargain on sales, and clearance items, surf on over to, Sak’s online site has sales prominently displayed on their front page.

For a shopping site, Saks Online is pretty much straightforward and easy to use, but sometimes it is a little slow. Many items that can be found in the stores can be found at Saks, but not all. Of course, you have to pay sales tax, and shipping, and if you are disappointed, you can return items to any store, or use their pre-paid return label (which they charge you for).

Personally, half the fun of shopping is actually feeling and trying on the clothes, it’s not just about buying stuff. You go in, shop, browse, shop, go have lunch, and come back when there’s a sale; shopping can also be a contact sport if unlucky, but all part of the fun. You can’t do that in front of a computer.

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