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Saks Fifth Avenue Online Store: A Bigger Sale Than the Stock Market?

A review by jetbluefan1 written on May 28, 2009
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Who doesn't like new clothes? Who doesn't want to wear something different and exciting to his or her body? Clothing acts as a symbol of culture, a way of keeping yourself warm and safe, and a way to express your desires. One store which is emblematic of these thoughts is Saks Fifth Avenue, a trendy 9-storey mecca, smack in the heart of New York City, for shopaholics, foreigners looking to use their "cheap" American dollars, and people who just want to shop. The store even has its own (overpriced) café, and sells the newest clothes ranging from Ralph Lauren Purple Label to Bebe to Vera Wang to Prada. Granted, there isn't much that you will find at Saks Fifth that won't make you cringe when you see the prices.

But the online store is another story., which is part of the grander Saks Company, offers sales that you won't see advertised in the company's (few) department stores.  Of course, the website does have those stunning, beautiful, need-to-have-now, exorbitantly-priced Armani jackets and Gucci loafers. But I'm not the type who is willing to drop $350 for a D&G fleece - and that's considered "on sale." Nonetheless, recently had a 40% off sale, and I decided to take a look.

For those who have never visited the Saks website, I must say that it really is not that hard to use, and the text and colors with which it is littered are pleasant and soothing. Each page has a menu at the top, which splits the store into designers, women's apparel, men's apparel, shoes and bags, jewelry, kids, and sale. The store has tons of designers to choose from - most of which are high end and can be found in the actual Saks stores. There are some middle-range designers to choose from as well, such as Diesel and Lacoste, so you don't necessarily need to be a millionaire to shop there. When looking at products, you can see the results with accompanying color pictures, and when clicking on the pictures you can "zoom" into the product, get a product description, find the different sizes available, and view the colors in which the product is offered. Overall, it is pretty comprehensive and useful.

When looking at the 40% off sale, I was surprised as to how many products were discounted so deeply. Many top-line designers, such as D&G and Versace, had discounts on both men and women products, and there were also non-clothing items such as bags and shoes on sale. When flipping through the endless pages of results - there were literally over a thousand things on sale in the men's store - I figured it would be best to limit myself to only two items. And two items are exactly what I purchased: a Burberry polo and a Lacoste T-shirt. And how much did these two shirts cost me? Under $80.

Read that again.

Yep. Under eighty bucks.

Generally, a long-sleeve Burberry polo runs about $120, and a Lacoste T-shirt can range anywhere from $40 to $70 when not on sale. The fact that I was able to get away with these two babies for under $80 was an absolute steal, and I think it was one of the best purchases I have made in awhile. Of course, had a flat $10 shipping fee at the time (though there is currently a free shipping promotion on all orders), but there was no sales tax, which was a nice relief.

The ordering process was very straightforward, and it lacked any advertising gimmicks or the need to register as a member. The shopping cart feature is always nice, however, and it helps organizing the shopping experience. In any case, Saks accepts all major credit cards, and the website automatically sends an e-mail confirming the order, as well as an e-mail confirming the shipment and providing a link to tracking the package. Though the e-mail stated that the shirts would be delivered 7 days later, the fact that they arrived in 4 made me happier. I will add that the shirts were exactly what I was expecting, were wrapped in fancy paper, and came with an enveloped invoice.  Clearly some thought went into the packaging, which is always a nice touch.

Overall, I can't find any flaws with The website is very easy to use, there are tons of products to choose from, the sales are gigantic, my credit card was charged correctly, and the package arrived way ahead of schedule with all ordered items in perfect condition. What more can I ask for? I will, without a doubt, return to the Saks Fifth Avenue Online Store soon as I have some spare money, that is.

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