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One of the worst on-line shopping experiences I have had.

A review by usaf1992 written on Jan 26, 2011
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I have been a frequent customer of RedEnvelope, having purchased many corporate and personal gifts from them.  Nevertheless, I am vowing to never again do business with RedEnvelope or, for that matter, any subsidiary of Provide Commerce, Inc. 
On December 14th, I ordered the Mom’s Flower Garden Necklace with two pendants to be engraved with the initials of my two children.  The pendants were to correspond to their birth months.  On December 21st, I received the order and discovered that the engraving was incorrect.  My children’s initials were inscribed upon the wrong pendants.  I contacted customer service and they indicated that the error would be corrected, at no additional charge, with a delivery date for the replacement item of December 24th.
The replacement order arrived on Christmas Eve but I immediately  discovered that, once again, the engraving was incorrect.  I, again, contacted RedEnvelope customer service to see what could be done to have this second error corrected quickly.  Obviously, it was much too late to have the second error corrected in time for the gift to be delivered by Christmas so, reluctantly, I agreed to accept a third attempt to have the item produced and delivered to me.  I was informed that the replacement would be delivered on January 4th.  
On the scheduled delivery date, January 4th, I received an e-mail from RedEnvelope informing me of the fact that my order would not ship and, in fact, had been cancelled as a result of “unforeseen inventory issues.”  I contacted customer service for a third time and was able to confirm that, indeed, the order was cancelled and that there was nothing that could be done to change the situation.  They did credit my account and offered a $20.00 “gift card” as a gesture to offset my being inconvenienced but, frankly, that was of little consolation. 
As mentioned previously, I have been a long standing customer of RedEnvelope and, in the past, have spoken very highly of RedEnvelope to both my colleagues and clients.  Nevertheless, this latest experience has completely changed my opinion of their organization and I will never again use their services or recommend them to any friend or business associate. 
I believe that I was more than accommodating in allowing them the opportunity to provide me with the item that I ordered and, despite three efforts, they failed on every attempt.  
Their message is clear - they simply do not value my business. 

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