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A review by manofstone written on Jan 10, 2008
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I recently ordered a set of glass murano earrings from Red Envelope and was very pleased with the experience.

I do think that Red Envelope is a little pricey, especially for an internet based website. There are certainly a lot of sites out there that would have cheaper prices on similar gifts. The diversity and ease of shopping on the website though are pretty top notch.

The order itself processed quickly. Actually the exceeded the timing on standard delivery. When I had a question about the order to customer service, they answered quickly.

The quality of the earrings seems fairly good. The recipient was happy, and that is the whole point of giving gifts after all.

They often offer a lot of discounts, such as expedited shipping upgrades, percentage off etc. Sometimes if you are not in a rush, you might want to wait and check back a few days later, to see if the "offer du jour" is going to be more lucrative. This is probably more true during the holiday season, but I do get offers from this vendor year round that seem pretty compelling.

Another benefit (from the guy perspective), is that they wrap it in a nice red box at no extra cost. (I guess the cost is built into the pricing, but it is still nice.) This helps against wrapping issues on the user end. They also include a little story about the origins or significance of the gift, which is usually mildly interesting.

Overall, a good online retailer. I think others are less costly, but the selection is good, the on line classifications are helpful (type of gift you are looking for), and overall, I would recommend it at this time to anybody...particularly a guy looking to find an easier way to find a good gift.

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