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Bad customer service and no follow-up. Would not shop here again.

A review by sigvan written on Jan 5, 2011
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I ordered a Blackberry Torch directly from the Puremobile website, but when it arrived it was defective, the trackball didn't work.  I contacted Puremobile to return it for replacement.  After I filled out their RMA form to return the phone, they indicated that I would be contacted within 24hrs with instructions on where to send the phone. It took over 2 weeks for them to contact me, during which I repeatedly contacted their call centre to find out what was happening and why it was taking so long.  The call centre was of no help and just kept asking me to wait another 24hrs.  After 2 weeks I was finally contacted and I returned the phone as per their instructions.   It has now been another 2 weeks and I have sent 10 emails in the last 2 weeks to their service department and their sales department, but can’t get a reply Puremobile.  Now I don’t know when or if they are sending a replacement phone. The call centre also hasn’t been able to tell me anything and just repeat the same thing that it is being looked at and someone will contact me in 24hrs.  That seems to be their standard response to anything.  I will not buy anything from Puremobile again; horrible customer service and no follow-up. 

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