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A review by charker written on May 21, 2010
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I tried to order a phone online, it indicated that it was "in stock". So I used priority shipping (1-2 days). After not seeing the phone or being able to contact anyone from puremobile, I finally get someone a week later from ordering. Who doesn't speak English very well!!!
They tell me the shipping address was incorrect. The address they had on file was the correct address.
Then they proceeded to tell me that they don't accept American Express. They gave me a selection of credit cards to use, one which was American Express. So if they don't accept it, why offer it?
Then they proceeded to tell me that the phone is no longer in stock, it may take 2-6 weeks to become stock. So I told them that I no longer want the extra charge of priority shipping since it's been over 2 days from the order.
They can't do that, I selected priority shipping, and they can't change it. so I tried to cancell the order. Then he tells me they need to charge my credit card for the cancellation of the order. HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO CHARGE THE CARD IF THEY DON'T TAKE AMERICAN EXPRESS!! If they can charge the card, then ship me the damn phone when it's ready!!!

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