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A review by markvg written on Sep 9, 2010
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I have been shopping through the Officemax on line store for a while now. With my busy schedule, it is some times difficult for me to get out and shop in the actual stores. This way I am much more flexible and can keep track of what I order on line. It gives me more freedom and less hassle in the long run.

~Products Offered~

The Officemax on line store has a lot to offer their customers. You can buy pretty much anything in the on line store that you can in the actual store. Not only that, but there are some exclusive items on line that you may not see in the store it's self. So the variety can be greater on line at times.

On the Officemax on line store web site you can find digital cameras, Video campers, desk top pc computers, lap top computers, simple school supplies like pens, pencils, rulers and more. You will also find items like desks, chairs, office essentials, file cabinets, file folders and things of this nature. The variety is huge and the prices are very good.

~Items I have purchased~

In the past up until this point I have ordered two printers, one regular the other laser. I have ordered a hand held video recorder, a few office supplies and plenty of school supplies as well. This is a great place to stock up on bulk supplies which is something that I have done very many times at the Officemax on line store.

The quality of the items that I have purchased have always been very good to perfect. They do offer warranties on line that you an purchase in addition to the warranties on some of their products. Such as the Epson stylus printer that I ordered. It helps to ensure that I get the best value and the product protection that I want.

~How to order and site navigations~

The Officemax on line store is fairly easy to get around. There are tabs at the top of the page where you can browse items in sections. Such as electronics, office supply, cameras and so on. This makes it easier to search the site. Or, if you already have an item in mind and you want to search for it out right, you can use the search bar at the top of the page off to the right. Type in the name of the item that you are trying to find and search that way as well. So it is fairly easy to find what ever it is that you are trying to search for at the Officemax on line store.

The text on the site is easily readable, it is bold and does not clash with the white back ground that the site tends to carry. I like that there are no ad banners flashing on the screen distracting me while I am shopping. That is always a turn off on a web site. This site is pretty open and very easy to navigate around.

When you have all of your items that you want to buy in your cart. Just go to your cart and follow the simple check out steps. Options may include gift wrap or special notes. Select these or skip the step. Now just enter your payment information, billing information, shipping method and shipping address for the items and then hit complete order.

You can use most credit cards and easy pay options. The site claims to be secure. As far as I can tell they are. I have not had any issues or mix ups with as many times as I have placed orders with them. I have used credit card, debit card and bill pay with the Officemax on line store, and each time has worked just fine.


All of the items that I have purchased have come shipped to me in perfect condition. I have not had any issues in this aspect of the site. The shipping is fast. I use standard and have had to wait no more than 6 days for the longest order. The items are always packaged good. They use small and large bubble wrap as their protective covering in the boxes.

~My recommendation~

The Officemax on line store has proved to me over and over again that they are a very good web site to shop from. They sell top quality products at low prices. The items that I have purchased have all been perfect and the shipping was indeed very fast. I like that shopping with the Officemax on line store saves me time, and a lot of times it also saves me money. I can't count on both hands how many times I have found good sale or clearance items and saved a ton of money doing it.

This site has always worked out well for me. I would have to say that it is most likely one of my top ten favorite on line stores to shop at. Give them a try. I am more than willing to recommend the Officemax on line store to every one and any one. Good luck!

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