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Deceptive Billing - An Update

A review by norwaywalker written on Jul 9, 2008
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Went to and placed an online order for an OfficeMax Brand Quiet Shredder, Item # 21210752 for $39.00. Ad stated "Item Delayed", "Expected to ship in 5 to 14 days". Placed the order. Total: $39.00 plus $7.95 for shipping plus $3.64 for tax, total charge: $50.59. This was on June 26th. The Final order included an extra item. "A Free Bonus - Special Offer on Your Next Order", No Charge. It was free so I thought nothing of it. A few days later I received a Special Home Delivery of an envelope from OfficeMax, which I had to sign for. It was a Coupon Card for $10 off my next purchase of $75, but it was only valid thru July 15th, 2 weeks. Included was an invoice for $8.57. I immediately called Customer Service and they could not explain why I was being invoiced for something I never ordered but they assured me that my credit card was not being charged. Well, my credit card statement arrived and there was a charge for $8.57. I called again. Now, even though my merchandise had not yet arrived they tried to tell me that this amount, represented the delivery charge on my order plus tax on that amount, or $7.95 plus $0.62, and that it was for their Coupon Card. Furthermore, the rep. tried to tell me that the amount was only a hold against my credit card and not an actual charge. Remember I had my credit card statement in front of me with the charge. I asked to talk with a Manager. She agreed that my credit card had been charged but assured me that I would ONLY be charged the balance of $42.02 ($50.09 less $8.57) when my order arrived. I challenged her on why I was receiving a charge for something I never ordered (Coupon Card) when my order had not even shipped yet. I asked to have the charge removed and she would not do it. Only if I cancel the order would she remove the charge. I asked about my shredder and she said it was Backordered and she could not tell me when it would ship. I told her the web site never indicated it was out of stock and that it was now showing a ship time of 1-3 days with no delays indicated. She could offer no explanation. So I was charged for something I never ordered and for a shredder, the where abouts of which, no one knows.

It may just be coincidence but on the same day I posted this review (July 9th)I received an email from Office Max saying that they were canceling my order. Jessica C., an Office Max Customer Service Rebuyer, wrote: "We are sorry to inform you that we cannot fulfil your request... This item is not available for delivery at this time." They also stated: "We also have issued a credit for $8.57 [to my credit card]".

Of interest is the fact that only 8 days out of the 5-14 expected ship days had passed. Also, the item still appears on their site, available for ordering. And, I have yet to receive the credit promised. Evidently they read these reviews.

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