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A review by jssshipl written on Dec 1, 2010
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WORST BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!  I needed to order some work gloves for my husband.  Specifically very good cold weather work gloves.  I searched several websites and checked reviews.  Even though I'd seen several bad reviews on Northern Tools I decided to purchase from them based on price. I placed an order on Nov. 22.  I checked back on Nov. 26th due to the fact that order status was "factory pending".  I spoke to them via web chat and I'm told they don't actually stock these items they are DROP SHIPPED from the manufacturer!!!  They then tell me that as soon as the manufacturer lets them know what's going on they'll tell me.  So I still have no more information than I started with other than the disappointing fact that I now know they don't even stock the items they are selling.  If I had known this I may have ordered elsewhere.  So, on Dec. 1st I get an e-mail from them stating that they have canceled my order, YES, 9 DAYS LATER they tell me I have to buy them elsewhere.  They stated that the item was a "seasonal item that's out of stock."  No duh, it's seasonal!  Hence the reason I need it so badly!!  Check other website reviews I'm not the first to experience this.  DON'T ORDER FROM NORTHERN TOOLS!

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