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Newegg is the best.

A review by serra1000 written on Sep 13, 2011
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I've been shopping at Newegg for several years.  I purchased several full systems and tons of drives, monitors and other computer part from them as well as home entertainment items.  I love them.

They ship very faster, and delivery is always predictable.  Most of the time I get free shipping or shipping is very low.

Their prices are always very good.  I price compare a lot and when shipping and delivery time are calculated into the mix, their prices are always very good.  They also run specials which can reduce the price further.

If someone is looking for a home built system, they offer complete parts lists for BIY systems that have all of the memory, MB, case, processor.... These system are a great starting point for first time buyers looking to get a better system for less money than they can at a big box.

Another quality is that they have user reviews from technical people like myself who are qualified to give an expert opinion.  I find these much more helpful than the run of the mill type of non-tech people that populate the none computer centric sites.   The reviews allow me to pick the best products.  Often times a reviewer will talk about the shortcomings of a specific product and when it arrives that will be its exact shortcomings.

Overall, I highly recommend them.

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