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Horrible Exchange Policy and Inept / Non-Responsive Customer Service

A review by janetk1269 written on Jan 11, 2010
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I ordered a Burberry watch for my sister as a Christmas gift and was advised by the Neiman Marcus Online Customer Service assitant that there would be no problems with exchanging/returning the item after expressing concerns that I wanted my sister not have any problems if she should want to make a return or exchange.  I was advised that Neiman Marcus does not issue gift receipts (how archaic!) but was assured that she would not have any problems exchanging or returning the item so long as she notified the store that it was a gift and had the packing slip.  As a result of this inaccurate response to my inquiry (inaccurate because apparently Neiman Marcus doesn't exchange items bought online in their stores), I made the purchase and gave the watch to my sister, telling her she could exchange it with the packing slip.  My sister drove several miles to and from Neiman Marcus to exchange the watch since it wasn't a right fit for her, only to be told by a snooty sales associate that she couldn't exchange the item and that it would take 2 weeks to issue a gift card so that she could make and exchange.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  My sister got so frustrated with them that she told them to just issue a return to my credit card which they did, however this does not erase the inconvenience caused by their lame exchange policy nor the hassle and time spent by my sister trying to make the exhange based upon their agent's misrepresentation.  I wrote several complaint emails to their "customer care" email center only to receive responses which neither addressed my concerns nor provided a sincere apology for the mistake in their customer service agent's misrepresentations. My sister and I will never shop here again and will not be recommending this place to anyone.

Here's the online chat advice that was given to me:

A Neiman
Marcus Online associate will be with you momentarily.

Thank you for contacting Neiman Marcus
Online. My name is Linda Pham. Please stand by while I research your inquiry.

janet: thank you

Linda Pham: Each order will have a packing
slip which will be considered the gift receipt.

janet: okay, so i can just give the packing
slip to the recipient of the gift and tell them to exchange or return using that
if they choose to?

janet: anyone there?

Linda Pham: Yes, the instructions for the
return will be on the back of the packing slip.

Linda Pham: The gift recipient must state that
they are a gift recipient.

janet: okay so I'll just tell the gift
recipient they should not have any problems using the packing slip for a
return/exchange just in case they need to.

Linda Pham: Yes, they will just need to read
the return instructions on the back of the packing slip.

janet: Thank you. That's all I needed to

Linda Pham: Thank you for visiting Neiman
Marcus Online. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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