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Charged credit card twice for an exchange

A review by thirdeyeonnm written on Dec 14, 2009
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I recently purchased a pair of Gucci shoes for my son from Neiman Marcus online.  Based on the information provided by the customer service rep, I purchased a size that was way too big.  Once recieived, I filled out the exchange form, which I read THOROUGHLY, and sent the shoes back-requesting a smaller size for the exact same shoe.  I paid 488.00 for the shoes on December 3rd.  A week later, upon checking my bank account NM had charged my account  AN ADDITIONAL 510.00.  When I called and inquired they stated that it was exchange policy to credit the account and then re-debit the account as opposed to simply exhanging the shoe.  However, they had not credited my account when the shoe was received one week before the exhange was processed and there was no credit posted to my bank account.  After contacting my bank, because I DID NOT AUTHORIZE NM to charge me again for the shoe and a different amount at that, they reversed the charge (after climbing the customer service ladder to the third person) only to find that by the next day, they had recharged my account 510.00 dollars for a second time WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION....The initial rep was very rude and was stating to me "matteroffactly" as if the practice was o.k.  SIMPLY BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAY THEY DO IT.  It is fraudulent because I did not authorize an additional charge and have yet to receive my shoes or a credit.  I have given NM 1000.00 to play with and no merchandise in my hand.  I will again have to contact them in the morning and go through the headache again.
It should be SIMPLE, why not just do an even exchange instead of using credit card information obtained from a prior sale to process new totals.   It is a very fraudulent practice that I am sure the some of the regulatory agencies need to be made aware of.

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