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Automatically "renews" your magazines AND credit card without your consent ! BEWARE.

A review by greenzel written on Mar 4, 2009
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I have had terrible experience with this company's sneaky way of doing business & taking your money underhandedly.  Yes, their prices lure you in, but their "renewal" process is terrible.  They automatically put you on their "auto renew" plan, which continues to charge your credit card and/or PayPal account without your authorization.  When you try to log into their website to change that option, you can't!  You MUST call to get your money returned & your account closed in order to stop this from happening behind your back.

The guy I spoke in their customer service department actually argued with me rudely on the phone, trying to "defend" their way of doing things and tried to get me to not close my account.  Needless to say, he wasn't successful.

What they do is give you one option to get out of their auto renew plan, which is when you first sign up for the account.  They throw it in at the end of the process, hoping you won't notice that option even exists.  After that, they continue to charge your card every time that magazine is up for renewal (without emailing or calling for your permission) and unless you are made aware of it by credit card statements or PayPal emails, you'll be none the wiser, which is exactly what they want.

The fact that you can't log into your account with them & change this option is terrible.  They make every complication available so that you won't make much of an effort to try...

They definitely don't practice good business tactics OR good customer service.  They lost my business - don't give them yours!

Go with for your magazine subscriptions.  Their prices may be a bit higher, but they are a good standing company who would never do this to their customers.  It's why they are #1 online & why they have so many returning purchasers.

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