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Landsend shopping and quality is top notch

A review by deals4me written on Nov 13, 2008
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I've purchased clothes for my family and myself for several years from Landsend.  We love the fleece items and you can't beat the quality.  The last few years I've been buying the fleece pajamas for my 4 grandsons.  When the boys were younger, we started with the footed pajamas.  As each boy grew, the pjs were passed down until they are completely worn out.  He wouldn’t want his friends to know but my oldest grandson is a teenager now and no longer "fits" into the pjs but he would still wear them if he could.   I've bought the uniform pants for the boys as well as skirts for my young nieces.  The items are always as described.  Thanks to the size chart, getting the correct sizes has been a breeze.

I have never had a problem with accuracy, customer service, or anything else for that matter.  The ease of shopping on line is one of my favorite things about Landsend.  I had to contact them last Christmas about an order.  The customer service rep was courteous and very helpful, which is always appreciated.  This is one of my shopping mainstays for Christmas and unless something drastic happens that will continue for a long time.   

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