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L.L. Bean helped me resolve a wardrobe malfunction

A review by knotheadusc written on Nov 18, 2006
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Recently, I made the painful decision to retire my old flannel nightgown and a pair of mules from Talbots. Over the past couple of years, I've put both the nightgown and shoes through so much hell that they've become worn out and unattractive. My old flannel nightgown is especially ready for retirement. It's lost all its buttons so that my boobs practically hang out of it (move over, Janet Jackson). I've also come to hate shopping in malls, especially up here in northern Virginia. I went shopping for replacements on my old standby, Talbots.com, but didn't find anything that I both liked and could afford. I decided to check out L.L. Bean Online Store to see if it could help me out with my malfunctioning wardrobe.

I found the L.L. Bean Online Store attractive and easy to navigate. On the left side of the screen, there are clickable tabs which allows users to choose their preferred departments. Users can shop for men's, women's, or kids' clothes, or they can search for outdoor products, luggage, gift cards, or items for the home and outdoors. Right below the departments, there is also a sale area where users can search for bargains and a place to purchase holiday merchandise. Users can also shop by keyword; the store has its own search engine built into the site. Looking for company information or a job? Look on the left side of the Web site and you'll easily find clickable tabs to help accomplish those tasks.

I was looking for a new nightgown, so I clicked on the tab for women. Once I did that, another page opened with more specific choices. I quickly found another clickable link for nightgowns and nightshirts under the Sleepwear and Underwear department. And then I found a wide variety of nightgowns available, from a short-sleeved cotton nightshirt to a long-sleeved flannel nightgown. I thought the prices were very reasonable, too. I ended up buying a short-sleeved, scoopnecked Supima nightgown for just $19.50.

Next, I wanted to find a new pair of shoes to replace the mules one of my dogs chewed up. I was very pleasantly surprised when I followed the links for the shoes section and found a pair of simple black clogs priced at the very economical price of $49.50. Having shopped at several other sites, I found that L.L. Bean offered the best price for the style of shoe I wanted. Even better, the shoe was available in a variety of colors and sizes. I quickly decided on a black pair and put them in my virtual shopping bag. L.L. Bean had about 20 different styles of mules and clogs alone. Needless to say, I soon found myself looking at all the other shoes they had available! I have a feeling I'll be back on this site after Christmas!

I was ready to check out, so I clicked on the tab that would allow me to complete the transaction. I soon found out that creating an account would make it easier for me to shop at L.L. Bean in the future. Creating an account is a very easy process. Users can either choose a nickname or an email address for an account name. I entered all of my billing and shipping information and was soon ready for my next virtual shopping trip. My order total was tallied. Because I didn't use L.L. Bean's credit card, I had to pay shipping and handling charges of $6.50. L.L. Bean also charges sales tax. All told, my order, plus tax, shipping, and handling, came to just under $80. I might have gotten a better deal in the actual store, but I didn't have to drive anywhere, nor did I have to deal with holiday crowds. My merchandise arrived via FedEx about a week later and I'm very pleased with the quality of my new shoes and nightgown.

L.L. Bean Online Store promises quick and easy returns. Indeed, with my package, I found an invoice along with a convenient shipping label. Had I needed to use the label, shipping charges would have been deducted from the refund. All products are 100% guaranteed. Customers who aren't satisfied can either return their items for refund or exchange. Users who need help determining fit can click on a link that will show them how L.L. Bean sizes its clothes. My clogs happened to be sized under the European model. I was glad to find a conversion chart so that I could figure out my proper size.

L.L. Bean Online Store is a secure site. I had no concerns about entering my personal information. This site also uses cookies to track how users use the site. Those who are concerned about privacy can easily read L.L. Bean's privacy policy on the site.

Overall, I found L.L Bean Online Store easy to navigate and use. I had no trouble finding the products I wanted and when I got my merchandise, I was very pleased with the quality. Although I wouldn't call L.L. Bean a hotbed of bargains, I would call it a good place to go for high quality products sold at reasonable prices. The shoes and nightgown I recently purchased appear to be very well made and I definitely like the way they look. The nightgown is especially comfortable and attractive.

I don't know how often I'll be shopping on the L.L. Bean Online Store, but I'm sure glad I stopped by last week.

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