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Worst Experience My Life!!!!

A review by tajlena written on Nov 6, 2010
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I have heard that my local Kohl’s stores in Sacramento have been known to continually swindle people by over-charging people for items at their stores.  Several news stations have reported on this problem and yet it persists, but since I had only shopped at their store once, I did not know how horrendous their customer service would also be until recently when I made a purchase online.

On September 9th, 2010, I ordered a bunch of merchandise from Kohl’s.com because I was excited that a famous top designer was newly featured for their store.  On September 15, I received a box full of what looked like prom dresses for a teen.  I immediately called Kohl’s.com, and the first time I called, I spoke to a man and the line went dead when he put me on hold to check on the order.  When I called back again, I spoke to Tiffany and again the line went dead when she was checking to see what had happened with my order.

I called back a third time that day and spoke to Rita, who told me to return the box of prom dresses to a local Kohl’s store.  First off, I was concerned that whoever ordered the dresses was waiting for their order, and that Kohl’s should be responsible for scheduling a pick-up of the items to ensure that whoever originally ordered them would get their order shipped to them.  In addition, I thought that it was poor customer service to ask me to take the time and effort to drive to a Kohl’s store since it was not my mistake and they should not inconvenience their customer further.  When I asked about the status of my order, Rita assured me it was on its way. 

I waited for over a week and never received my shipment as promised, nor did anyone come to pick-up the box of dresses mistakenly sent to me that I had placed outside my front door.  I was worried that some poor girl was waiting to try on her prom dresses, and I was upset that I had driven out to purchase shipping tape to tape the box up carefully for pick-up by Kohl’s and they did not even bother to send anyone to pick up the shipment.  Finally, I was very upset that I still had not received my correct order.  On September 23rd, I called Kohl’s.com and spoke to Michael, who seemed very caring, nice, and apologetic for the whole situation and reassured me that this doesn’t usually happen.  When he asked me whether I received an email asking me to send a list of all the items that had been incorrectly shipped to me, I expressed to him that it was very poor customer service to ask a customer to inventory mis-shipped items when the mistake was made by Kohl’s, not the customer.  I informed him that all they needed to do was have the package picked up and they needed to go through and inventory what was inside as I was not going to write down the description of each of the items since there were many in the box.  I told him that they looked like someone’s prom dresses and that should have been an accurate description; they should figure out the other details themselves and pick up their own mis-shipped items. 

Michael told me that they would refill my order and have it sent to me as soon as possible, and he also told me that someone from UPS would pick up the dresses.  I asked how I would be able to track my items to make sure that they are on their way, and he said that I could check my email and account online to follow the shipment.  I did do that but the only tracking information I was given on my online account and email was the box of dresses that they did finally pick up a few days later.  There was no information on my shipment. 

I waited for my shipment to arrive for over a week and a half and nothing came
On October 10th, I spoke with Gabriel, and he informed me that on October 2nd, a credit was made to my account when the returned items came in.  There was no refilling of my order, ever!  He asked me if I wanted to put in another order, and I said that I was no longer interested in purchasing anything from Kohl’s and that I just wanted to make sure that I was credited for the order that I never received.  I asked him if he knew whether there had been a credit to my account for the amount that I was charged for the order that I never received, and he said that he did not have that information and transferred me to a Kohl’s credit person.

Tiffany, said that she was only able to look up customers with a Kohl’s credit card and if I had paid by another type of credit card, then Gabriel should have been able to help me as a customer service rep for online Kohl’s.  I was then transferred back to the same department that just told me that they could not help me.

This time, I spoke to Natalia who said that a credit was indeed made back to my account and that it would take 14-30 business days for me to see the credit on my statement.  We will see whether there was indeed a credit made to my account and hopefully the Kohl’s saga will end then.

I will never, ever shop at Kohl’s again online or in the store!!  I have learned my lesson and I am going to spend my money somewhere else where people actually send me products I order or know what the heck they are doing.  This retailer is a total mess and I have dealt with many online retailers, and this is by far the WORST experience I have ever had.  It has been a complete waste of my time and I took the time to write down my experiences so that this would not happen to anyone else.  If you choose to do business with them anyway, then that is your choice, but I hope you will not regret it like I did!!  I have warned everyone the best that I can!  Please give other good retailers your money, but do not give Kohl’s your business unless you want the worst customer experience service of your life!

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