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A review by aj530 written on Jun 8, 2011
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I have never had so much trouble with an internet order as I have experienced with KaTom.  I ordered four cast-iron Staub cocottes -- with nothing on KaTom's website or email invoice showing that three out of four would need to be back-ordered.  

The first signs of trouble:  KaTom's customer service contacted me to find out if I'd like to receive the first cocotte, and then the last three separately, and I told them "yes."  (Weird, because most vendors' websites show when items aren't in stock and when they estimate out of stock items will be shipped if you go ahead and order them.) 

The plot thickens:  KaTom then quoted me shipping costs, which was even more odd, since the website had indicated shipping was free.  When I questioned this shipping charge, KaTom confirmed the shipment would actually be free, and I reasoned that it was just all a misunderstanding.  No big deal, I thought, I'll wait for the order. 

Where there's smoke, there's fire:  Finally, several weeks later, having never shipped out the first cocotte, KaTom shipped the entire order.  Given my mounting doubts about the transaction, I immediately checked my credit card account, and it showed a pending charge from KaTom that was nearly $20 over the charge that my email order confirmation showed.  When I inquired about the discrepancy, KaTom informed me the total charge included the tax.  I pushed back, since vendors obviously shouldn't slap on hidden charges and then charge you for them without your agreement.  KaTom looked into the matter and admitted the overcharge was for shipping -- and not tax -- and I would be refunded.  At the moment, the refund is showing as a pending charge -- and KaTom says it should convert to a credit when it posts.  I really hope it does, because I've never had to write any vendor so many times to get something so simple right.  

What does someone have to do to buy cookware in a free country?:  They seem to be trying, but trying isn't going to be good enough when competitors can at a slightly higher price, provide accurate information on when products are available and charge customers exactly the amount showing on the computer screen when customers click "approve transaction."  For me, the actual dollar amount involved in the screw-up really isn't the issue.  It bothers me that KaTom doesn't seem to have its act together to make good on everything they imply they can offer through their "virtual handshakes" -- and their business could continue to come at a real cost of time and money to customers if they don't fix the problem.     

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