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Not happy, I got a refund but also LIED to.

A review by igorr written on Jan 25, 2012
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I bought three large glasses (wine, martini, and beer glass) for Christmas gifts this past year (2011).  I got them all two weeks before the holiday.  I got TWO wine glasses and ONE martini glass. So I called them, got nobody.  I went online and did the live chat.  (The ONLY good thing about the site).  I got to chat with Jarod.  (sigh:( ) 

(Oh, by the way the wine glass box is mislabeled so that when they pulled the glass at the warehouse or whatever they mailed out the same glass, not the beer one.  They have a screw up on their packaging)

So when I started my chat with Jarod I told him about my situation and he said "ok I will mail you out another beer glass." I then proceeded to tell him about the labeling issue.  He said that the beer glass is "now on back order".  Well my question was, "Why was I not told about this before?"

Anyway, he said it would mail out mid January.  I needed this for a Christmas present and that that would not work.  We argued for a while about this and he offered me free shipping on the glass.  I said NO I wanted a FREE glass since it would be SOOO late.  He said that was fine.  I got my money back and he said it would mail out mid Jan.

Well today is Jan 25.  I called and talked to a person and he said that there was "No record of that".  I would not be getting my beer glass. 

Moral, DONT trust Jarod from this site.  IF you talk to them on their live chat site, PRINT out a copy and keep it if you have problems. 

I will NEVER buy from them again. 

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