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Harriet Carter
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A Gift Company Should Have A Sense Of What Good Packaging Looks Like!!

A review by popsrocks written on Jan 31, 2010
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Here I am a long time Top Reviewer on Epinions.com but, when it came time to order a product from an on line vendor new to me, I never checked the Epinions.com web site to check it out. I suppose it serves me right to get the same poor service that I read of (after the fact) on this site.

Harriet Carter Online Store

Harriet Carter is an on-line gift shop that offers a large variety of items including Household, Apparel, Home Decor, Bed & Bath, Health and Beauty, Pets, Lawn & Garden and much more.

They deliver most anywhere and their shipping prices, delivery methods and to-our-door promises were in line with the market place.

I happened to be looking to purchase a Bingo game for the family. I liked the layout of their site. It was bright, seemingly well organized, and easy to look through. I found the product I was looking for quickly. I liked their Bingo game they offered better than those found on competitive sites. It seemed good value and the sign-up and purchase was easy.

I used a debit card and I felt safe with their system and the process went well. I received timely E-mails confirming my order and afterward kept me apprised of shipping dates etc. All went very well and even though it was just a week and a half before Christmas the company sent out the correct product quickly and I had it in my possession just three days later.

So after all that good service, why am I unhappy with the company?
It's because the box it came in, not the packaging but the game box itself was worn torn and beat up. This was no way to send a gift item! The box looked like ti was sitting on their shelve for a year or two getting moved, bumped, and kicked around a bit.

It was too close to Christmas to start a process of return and a new shipping date. I never called them to complain. Perhaps I'll simply forward this review.

In the end I kept the item readying it as a fun item in a Christmas game we play "The Yankee Swap".

pops Thoughts

Unfortunately I would have been the wiser reading some of the Epinions posts that echoed the same sentiment of sloppy packaging.

I was quite disappointed that an On-line gift store would be so unprofessional as to send an ill presented gift. For that reason I cannot recommend this as a place to do business with.

This is my On-Line entry into the Around Epinions In 80 Days Write-Off http://www.epinions.com/content_5382578308  hosted by wlswarts. I'm now in Tehran. I was sent there by my government as a sanction against that countries on going Nuclear program.

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