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A review by custserv101 written on Oct 13, 2010
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I recently placed an order online for a Sony Reader and received confirmation that the order was placed and the date my product should arrive.  I waited for it to arrive and when it didn't arrive on the date it was supposed to, I called customer service.  It was at this time that I was informed that my order had been cancelled because they needed information from me concerning my billing address.  I never received one phone call or email to let me know that I needed to provide additional information, my oder was simply cancelled.  When I complained to customer service by email, I received a generic  email apologizing and telling me that someone had called me but he/she wasn't able to contact me.  Well, if someone had called, and I checked my phone history to see if I  missed the call, there certainly  was no record of the call nor was there any voice mail messages.  The least HSN could have done was to send me an email like they did when they said my order had been confirmed.  It's a darn good thing that I didn't need it for a gift or I would have been really upset.  And what really irritated me almost as much as nobody taking the time to contact me, was the lady I spoke with over the phone who acted like it was no big deal so I should just deal with it.  I guess this kind of bad customer service is the norm at HSN and she didn't see what my issue was.  I would not recommend HSN to my family or friends especially for ordering anything they expect to actually be delivered on time or delivered at all for that matter.   I get more reliable and better service at Amazon.com.

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