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A Nightmare!!

A review by ellelow12 written on Mar 29, 2009
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I thought this was a perfect way to buy a product with the flex pay plan and no interest. I ordered a 60" DLP tv. They told me the estimated date of delivery was on or around April 4. I called on March 20 to cancel the order because i wanted to order another tv instead. They told me the item had already shipped and if i wanted a refund i would have to pay the shipping back to the company and wait for the refund...which i am still waiting for even though i shipped it back the day it arrived. HSN knows nothing about it, they told me to contact the shipping company, which is the same that they used to deliver it to me. Until it is back at their facility they will continue to charge me for the tv. The total cost is about $1400. I was waiting for the other tv to arrive that I ordered instead, but when i went to track the order it said there was an error and i had to call hsn. So i called and they informed me that my address could not be verified so they can't send me the product. I offered to have my landlord do something, give credit card information, or give proof of services and utlities in my name at my apartment. I was told there is nothing i can do because they don't take outside sources and i should check back in 30 days. I informed them that they had already shipped an item to this address but apparently that too had been a mistake by them. I asked to speak with a manager about the situation and the customer service agent said she was connecting me to his voice mail; she actually connected me to the original automated system. What a joke this all is, I really can't believe it.

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