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It was the worse experience I have ever had!

A review by kodiakstar written on Sep 15, 2008
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Shopping at http://www1.epinions.com/pr-Online_Stores_Services-hbees_com was a terrible experience! On Sept. 5th I ordered health items I have to have to help me breath. Today is Sept. 15th and still haven't received these items. On Sept. 13th I emailed hbees and asked if my order had been shipped, because I ordered from them before and received my order within a couple days. I didn't receive an answer from them, so I emailed again today, which received no reply. Then I emailed again and finally, they replied that one of the items I ordered was backordered and arrived today! They said my order was going to be shipped out today. They never notified me that they didn't have one of the items I ordered. I would have canceled the order and ordered elswhere if they had, but they didn't give me that choice! I am leaving for a one week vacation on Wed. Sept. 17th and need these items, so I told them to cancel the order, because I would have to make other arrangements. They didn't reply, so I emailed again and again and finally, after wasting my entire day, I get an email from them saying my order shipped! They didn't reply until they shipped the merchandise.
I am very upset.

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