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Horrible Customer Service THE WORST EVER!!!

A review by ccp1 written on Apr 23, 2010
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The most horrible, and I MEAN HORRIBLE, customer service experience ever.  I originally bought a Perfect P105 vacuum from them in October of 2009, it arrived a little late, but it did get here.  After use of the vacuum for 3 months it broke.  Since the vacuum came with a warranty of 1 year, I called GoVacuum and they sent me a return-shipping label so that I may return the vacuum for free.  This is where all the trouble started.  I called one month after sending the vacuum, because I still had not gotten the vacuum and he LEFT ME ON HOLD TO GO TO A MEETING without ever telling me.  I called again and spoke with Brian, the ONLY person working with GoVacuum who was helpful, and he said he would send me a new vacuum right away.  Another month passes by and still no vacuum, so I call again and although Brian had placed an order for a new vacuum to be sent free of charge, they had not sent the vacuum.  I spoke with Rupak again and demanded a refund on the vacuum purchased as it had been nearly 3 months since I sent it in for repairs.  He said that there was something more serious wrong with the vacuum and that they needed more time to fix it and that he would not refund me the price but that in 2 business days a new vacuum or a repaid one will be send back.  After much arguing I realized he was not going to refund my money back so I just agreed with him sending another vacuum and that if that vacuum did not get here within a week of the date he sent it, I would be refunded my money.After the horrible experience, I called the makers of the Perfect Vacuum and spoke with Mark part owner of the company.  He told me that NO ONE is authorized to sell their vacuums online outside of their company.  Therefore the warranties on all vacuums bought from an outside source, will be NULL and VOID.So it turns out that my vacuum did not come with an 1 year warranty after all.  Mark, said he would call speak to Rupak and straighten out the situation.Just as a side note, I have spent hours on this... they, put you on hold and never get back to you, or even hang up on you.  Absolutely horrible customer service.

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