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A review by junkot written on Feb 3, 2006
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Gap has clothing for men, women, kids and babies. As a woman, I do not like their style, so I didn't think I'd shop with them, but now I have a baby, when she needed a swimsuit last summer, I checked every baby clothing online stores I could think of. one of the stores was Gap, I liked one of the baby swimsuits on the site, but unfortunately it was sold out, so I did not shop then, but I'd remembered that Gap had something good for baby ever since. In winter, papa (my husband) said that baby needed some new pajamas for cold winter, and he ordered me to get some right away, so like swimsuit search, I went many online stores for pajamas. I found some cute ones at, but strange thing happened. the price of those pajamas on baby pajama page were $9.99 (sale price), I thought good deal, so I put 2-3 of them in my shopping bag, then when I went Check out, the price became $14.99, all of them! I didn't like it, so I gave up shopping that time (I asked Gap about the price via e-mail, someone answered me and said he could not tell why it happened, I checked the site few days later, price of those pajamas were not $9.99 anymore)

But after Christmas, I thought price would be lower again, so I visited again. Just as I thought, price got lower but most stuff I liked were sold out too, but my baby was able to get one fleece pajama at $9.99 (was $19.99) and 5 socks $2 each, cute purse at $3.99 and skirt at $9.99.

About those products, I think they are good quality. I liked socks particularly. when I saw the picture of the socks and description on the site, it was folded at ankle.(
called Tri-fold socks in English?). anyway when I got the actual item, I liked it. it has rubber on the sole like most baby socks has, and I liked the tri fold part, I unfolded and put them on baby. they were long enough for my baby to wear as knee high, that's actually what she needed for her mini-skirt, but nobody made knee high for baby under 2T size. knee-high is convenient. I want to put my baby cute clothes when we go out such as mini skirts, but the only option for her to coordinate with her skirt was always tights. tights is warm, but baby skirts and dresses often come with attached diaper cover inside (like body suit). my baby always wear body suit as underwear(to hold her diaper securely), if she wears tights between bodysuit and skirt with attached diaper cover, It's inconvenient to change diaper, but with knee high, it is bit convenient. I bought 5 different color socks for baby, it sure will be very helpful. other products I bought were in good quality too. my baby is 19 months old, so I bought her clothes in size for 2 year old, her height is average for 19 month, but clothe for 2 year old are little too big for her now.

If I could complain something about Gap, It's web site. As I mentioned earlier, price changed (got higher) during shopping, and when I saw a cute purse(I purchased), there was no detailed description such as size, (I bought it anyway, but it was much smaller than I imagined, I thought at least big enough for kitten to be inside, but actual size was for a mouse). And when I shopped, I used gift card to pay ($25) part of my order total, it was bit complicated. first I saw a box to enter gift card# so I did, but when I went final check out page, the gift card entry was gone, but final page, there was a question do you like to pay by gift card? so I clicked it and entered gift card# again, and I saw that it was applied and -$25 from order total, but at order summary page, it looked like no giftcard deduction, order confirmation shows no -$25 either, but full order total was shown, so I worried and contacted Gap, they said they received my gift card # and it was applied, but they did not show it in order confirmation. it's not good. they at least should mention something like, gift card amount is not shown in your order total or receipt. maybe I should go to offline store next time.

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