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Poor customer service

A review by mesau5 written on Oct 18, 2011
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It's not my first time with FragranceX. My first experience was somewhat the same. So I guess this is their way of conducting their business.
So this is my second time with FragranceX. Ordering online was easy. No problem with the payment so far. It was not a problem either the first time. I paid both time with Paypal.
For a second time, the delivery time is not what they state on their website or in the emails they sent me.Their customer service by email is not poor, it's virtually inexistant. They send an automatic response and put a name as a signature, to make you feel someone answer you. Dear FragranceX, customers are not so stupid by the way. As for tracking the shipment, unfortunately, FragranceX do not provide a proper tracking number so it is impossible for me to know where my package is. When I contact them and give them all the details, all I receive is the same answer saying to track my shipment with the (same) number they gave me first hand. They obviously didn't read my emails. Or just don't care about the situation. All I can do is pray and wait. Too bad for the birthday gift!!!

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