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A review by tyrionlanisste written on Dec 19, 2011
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If it comes to rating an online store, I would rate “Factoryoutletstore.com” ten on ten. I was in a mess, after I and my wife had an outrageous fight. It so happened that whenever she went to her mom’s place, I never gave a single call because of my busy office schedule. So this time when she came back, she did not spare me. I was looking for an opportunity to gift her something which would lessen her anger towards me, and she would come back to the house. I immediately thought of “Factoryoutletstore.com” which delivers an awesome customer service. She was staying at her mom’s place, so I thought gifting a phone would be best to stay in constant touch with her. Without wasting a single moment, I quickly called them and placed an order for a cordless Panasonic phone. The agent was very patient towards me and I narrated the same incident to him. He promised me that the product would be delivered within two to three days. As the product arrived on the third day, my wife gave me a call asking me angrily if I did that and finding this opportunity I said sorry to her and asked her to come back. Finally we had a patch up. All thanks to “Factoryoutletstore.com” for bringing me and my wife together.

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