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Great selection, EXCELLENT customer service!

A review by epinards written on Dec 22, 2011
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From what I could tell browsing through the rest of their site, Entertainment Earth has a great selection and reasonable prices/shipping costs.  They're located in CA, so expect some time to ship particularly if you live on the East coast.  Offset this of course by time difference- you're more likely to be able to order in time for same-day shipping which is nice if you're someone who tries to time delivery of items to avoid week-end waits, etc.  My order was shipped out in a timely fashion via FedEx with an e-mail providing tracking etc. - all the things one expects from a well-run business. 

Unfortunately, the item- a heavy polystone bobblehead- arrived broken despite the heavy padding/packaging (the box was ~ 5x the size of the item, which seems excessive but is a minor complaint... it was well-padded with paper and didn't rattle around), but their response is why they get top marks from me: in less than five minutes on the phone, they had a replacement shipped out for delivery as well as providing a return label for free return of the damaged item.  Furthermore, they informed me that I can show the gift recipient the damaged item 'so they know what they're gonna get' (it was an Xmas present), before I send it back to them when the other one arrives.  Service and prices like this is absolutely why I see little reason to shop brick-and-mortar stores these days!  I would not hesitate to recommend Entertainment Earth on the basis of their product selection, prices, and customer service.

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