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A review by bhsapcs written on Nov 28, 2011
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Greedy, clumsy, seller only wants your money. NO SERVICE. NO CARE. ONLY TRICKERY. Live-chat CUTS YOU OFF, and make you WAIT. Phone calls put you on a RELAY BOUNCING GAME, you will never exit the LOOP OF BEING TRANSFERRED.
Bough 2 eGift cards and receive a promotional $75 eGift card each. But these losers will not let you use more than one for your purchase. The online shopping system will reject you, first claiming your code is invalid, secondly reject you from "consolidating" your gift cards, so you will have to call them and spend 5 FREAKING HOURS IN THE DEADLY LOOP OF PHONE RELAY AND VOICE SESSION. I repeat 5 hours, because there IS NO SERVICE, once they got you MONEY, and they know you just want to use the gift cards, which is their liability, THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU. They don't care how much time you spent.
I spend 5 hours, just to order a laptop. They would only take two eGift cards and forced me to pay the rest of the balance with credit card. That also mean these losers want me to buy more using the rest of the 2 promotional eGift cards.
The same nightmare appear on my night order. Spend another whole freaking hour, just to get rid of that cursed balance on the cards.

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