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Excellent, discounted, box shifters. Know what you want and buy it.

A review by jethrohoyt written on Jun 25, 2007
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I “discovered” when I was trying to buy a faucet set for my bathroom tub. Many merchants set up shop on eBay and that’s how I bought a $250 Delta faucet for under $70. I was delighted. I asked them an intelligent question (or at least I imagined it was intelligent at the time) and got an intelligent and polite answer by return. The faucet was delivered and met exactly what they had told me.

So, having got my tub faucet nicely plumbed in, I now needed the sink faucet sets to match (you can see how I plan projects now). This time I bypassed eBay and went direct to Dealyard and saved on shipping by buying two sets together. Once again they delivered exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. Communication was excellent and payment was made through Paypal which is no hardship to me.

I even got a 10% discount offer for my next bathroom.

The web site is fine and easy to navigate and the shopping cart works very well. In addition to bathroom accessories they sell all sorts of other things that I am afraid I cannot comment on due to my bathroom faucet fixation! (in truth, I did a lot of panic plumbing last year!).

Remember, they sell slightly out of date or end of line products (most of the faucets I researched were no longer available in stores). They are box-shifters and you get sensational discounts. Don’t expect the level of service (return policies etc) that you would with a full price merchant. If you know what it is you want and these guys have it, then you will save a lot of money and not be disappointed. If you’re a fussy shopper and think you want a higher level of service, go to Sears.

Good luck.

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