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A review by Lisa_J written on Jul 21, 2003
Full review offers nice variety, the site is a breeze to navigate, orders are easy to process & ship in a timely manner with accurate content, and charges to your card are correct. Overall I am pleased with Crate & Barrel Online Store and will continue to patronize them.

Crate&Barrel Online Store
- Good Navigation
Easy to locate products and information.
Product descriptions are helpful.
Images load quick (even on dial-up connection).
Images are clear.
- Good selection of household items.
- Order processing is simple and quick.
- Orders arrive on time, they're accurate and the charges are correct.

In my view the Crate & Barrel Online Store offers a pleasant shopping experience. From the crisp & clean home page, to the clear images within shopping departments, this site is professional appearing and easy to use. Because we still utilize a dial-up connection I am always appreciative when a site offers excellent images with speedy loading time.

If you are familiar with the brick and mortar version of Crate & Barrel than you are aware of the mid-range to upscale merchandise that they carry. It is my opinion, that a majority of the fashions this online merchant offers are most likely to attract those that prefer Contemporary, Art Deco, Traditional, Modern and Eclectic styles. However they carry a variety of merchandise, allowing most shoppers to find something that appeals to them. For example, not knowing her style preference, I sent a gift package that included ice cream toppings, footed bowls, and an ice cream scoop to a long distance friend. You will find brands such as Marimekko, Cuisinart®, Krups®, Crate and Barrel exclusive, and much more. It is important to note that the merchandise carried is priced above stores such as Target, and considered by many as upscale. However Crate & Barrel does guaranty merchandise, allowing you to return (non-Furniture) items via shipment or at a local Crate & Barrel. As per the merchant: "Shipping fees are non-refundable."

There are times that we have been invited to weddings in which the bride and groom have registered at the storefront, unfortunately the closest store is in Bellevue or Seattle, an approximate thirty-minute upwards to one-hour drive from our hometown. The online store allows us to browse their registry and, if so desired, make purchases. The purchases can be sent to our home or to the gift recipient. This has proven to be a convenient option.

Also, I like the 'Gift Ideas' department. Within this category you are able to fine-tune your shopping excursion through choices such as Browse By Occasion (Wedding/Shower, Housewarming, Birthday, Anniversary), Browse By Recipient (The Cook, The Entertainer, The Decorator, The Bride or Groom), or Browse By Price ($10.-50. $50.-75., $75.-100., $100.+). For $3.50 will ship the item in a gift box, to the recipients home. Again, I like the convenience that this offers, allowing the recipient to have a touch of elegance arrive at his/her doorstep.

In addition to shopping for merchandise, you can utilize this site to find the nearest store, including a map and driving directions. Additionally there is immense information about the company and career opportunities. Overall this site adds to the potential of me purchasing products from Crate & Barrel.

Serving Pieces
Table Linens
Bed and Bath
Gift Ideas
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This merchant accepts Crate and Barrel Credit Card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Optima, and NOVUS/Discover.

The Crate & Barrel Online Store offers various shipping options and costs. For best representation of charges I suggest visiting the site.
Example of Costs:
Order Total | Standard | Express Delivery | Next Day Air
Up to $15.99 | $4.95 | $14.90 | $29.90
$16.00-$30.99 | $6.50 | $16.45 | $31.45
$31.00-$50.99 | $8.50 | $18.45 | $33.45
$51.00-$75.99 | $11.50 | $21.45 | $36.45
$76.00-$100.99 | $13.50 | $23.45 | $38.45
$101.00-$150.99 |$16.50 | $26.45 | $41.45
$151.00-$200.99 |$20.50 | $30.45 | $45.45
$201.00-Above | 10% of merchandise total | 10% of merchandise total plus $9.95 | 10% of merchandise total plus $24.95
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