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Horrible, I'd never recommend them to anyone

A review by ashweena written on Oct 23, 2009
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I had a horrible experience with this company. I ordered a refurbished MacBook Pro for $700 and found within the first week it had a problem where it would shut off randomly. I took it to the apple store where they thought the problem was just that it needed updates. After about a couple weeks it started doing it again, and when I'd try to burn a cd it would shut off in the middle of it, also ruining a cd. I contacted them and they told me the warranty expired because they were counting it from the day they sent it, not the day I received it. When I disputed this fact, then I never heard from them again, thus making it so I couldn't return it at all. Now my computer shuts off when I try to do any program involving cd's, and the cd drive does not run properly, as well as the fan being broken. Overall, a large amount of money to waste on just using the internet, because that's all I can do on this. Next time, if I want refurbished, I'll go through Apple...they at least have a one year warranty to back up their products!

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