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Campmor Get Grief

A review by lqqk_first written on May 29, 2009
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I agree 100% with the writer who had the bad time with customer service @ Campmor, this company bites. I just made a purchase from Campmor a few days ago and received the item U.P.S. today. It was not as advertised on the website. The measurements were not accurate, so the purchase was useless to me. So I called customer service several times and was not treated as a valued customer more condescending than anything else. On my third call I asked for a supervisor, after what seemed like forever. The guy was totally on the attack from the beginning “why didn’t you call and ask about the item?” My response was “I thought that’s what the item description was for?” I told him since the picture & description of the item was not accurate (I should be refunded my shipping costs. Now the guy was really livid he told me “there’s no way in hell that I’m going to get my money back”. I then inform him that I will never purchase anything else from Campmor after this kind of treatment. So I have to eat the U.P.S. shipping and wait a month for my credit card to be refunded the cre

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